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Zalak® ZLR P770, P780 and P781 are speciality opaque products targeted for use in applications requiring very-low friction and wear resistance versus other high performance elastomeric materials. Compared to a typical thermoplastic seal, they demonstrate improved creep resistance and better compression set properties. The Zalak® P-series products are suggested for dynamic seals like piston-rings or rotary-seals.

Of the three P-series products, ZLR P770 has the lowest hardness of 78 Shore A. It has been successfully used in various applications, such as a cylinder seal for a chemical filling machine, a slit seal for semiconductor equipment and a slide seal for lubricant equipment. "Rubber materials like NBR and FKM possess a high coefficient of friction and low-abrasion properties. Fluoroplastics have poor creep resistance and low sealing performance" commented a user of ZLR P770. "Zalak® P770 provides excellent performance with good slide performance, high abrasion ability and high durability."

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