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For increasingly high temperatures and harsh underhood environments, no one has a broader range of products than DuPontTM, or supplies products that will go the distance in high performance fuel systems or powertrain applications. In addition to proven Viton™ fluoroelastomers for hoses, tubing, seals and O-rings, customers can look to Vamac® ethylene acrylic and Neoprene polychloroprene to meet a vast array of specifications.


At Work in the Automotive Industry

For over 70 years, Neoprene is still the industry workhorse for underhood, chassis and adhesives. Even with today's broad selection of specialty elastomers, Neoprene remains the choice for many underhood and underbody parts that require a reasonably priced, mid-performance polymer with a good all-around balance of performance properties.

Used successfully in automotive hose applications, Vamac® provides a cost effective approach to a wide range of challenging underhood applications, including power steering, engine and transmission oil cooler hoses, ignition cable, spark plug boots or primary wiring.

The pioneer fluoroelastomer, Viton™ has helped establish new standards for high performance automotive seals for over 40 years. With its excellent resistance to fuels, oils and fluids, combined with its exceptional heat resistance, Viton™ continues to be the material of choice for demanding fuel system and powertrain applications.


For all Neoprene, Vamac® and Viton™ applications, contact Dichtomatik for technical support and superb customer focused service.


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